Kosher Cruises from J Singles Cruise
Kosher Cruises from J Singles Cruise

Ask on-board Dating Coach Sheryl Giffis:  Illuminate It!

Email a pressing question on life, dating and/or self-esteem to our dating coach Sheryl Giffis at

If you’re already booked on the cruise, schedule your free pre-cruise coaching session with Sheryl (a $118 value) by emailing her at

Do it now – appointments fill up. Take the time to set goals and plan ahead for this incredible journey back to self!

It's not about finding the right person, it's about becoming the right person.

     Coaching is the process of self discovery that helps you gain clarity AND a plan of action toward fulfilling a goal or commitment that is a top priority in your life. Coaching works because it is an ongoing inquiry with someone who's been where you are and who can shed light on the issues that you are encountering, saving you time and energy. Coaching provides practical tools to guide you on your journey and a SYSTEM for dating, so you aren't wondering or guessing what to do. A coach helps you recognize, access and reclaim your inner brilliance so that you can bring profound love into your life.

"I'm trusting my intuition more, my confidence is a lot higher, and I'm seeing results based on our conversations."


"Coaching gave me a whole new awareness of my behavior and helped me change what I was doing once I realized I was creating certain frustrating situations myself. Very eye opening."


"I've attached myself more to my higher goals. I've become like a magnet, and I'm getting out of my own way now."


Dating Coach Sheryl Giffis Q & A

  1. What if I care too much what the guy looks like?
  2. I've met and dated a lot of people, and I want to find the right one already. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I've been dating so long. Why is it so difficult to meet someone?
Dating Coach Sheryl Giffis
Dating Coach Sheryl Giffis
Luminarious Living

Longer-term coaching is available. For more information, please email

"People living in scarcity see the cup as half empty; People who are positive thinkers see the cup as half full; People living in abundance see the cup as overflowing, While people living into their greatness are the cup."

---Kim George, Coaching into Greatness